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Micro Vickers Hardness Tester

RMHT-203 & RMHT-204

Micro Hardness Tester can be used to determine the vickers hardness of steel,non-ferrousmetals, ceramics, treated layers of metal surface & hardness grades of carburized, nitrided & hardened layers of metals. The Micro Hardness Tester are precision hardness testing machine integrated with technology of optics, mechanics & computer hardware.
Measurement of hardness using weight upto 1000g and Measurement L.C. 0.25µm.

• Upto 1000g (9.8N) Testing Force
• Loading Speed of < 50µm/sec
• Standard Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (136°)
• Min. Measuring Unit 0.25µm
• Hardness Value Range from 1HV to 4000HV
• Automatic using digital encoder
• Digital LCD Screen
• 100x (for Observation), 400x (for Measurement)
• Automatically (Load, dwell and unload the testing force)
• Automatic Turret or Manual Turret
• LED cold light source
• Built-in Printer
Model RMHT-203 RMHT-204
Hardness Scale HV0.01, HV0.025, HCV0.05, HV0.1, HV0.2, HV0.3, HV0.5, HV1, HV2
Conversion Scale Manual lookup from table
Testing Force 10g (0.098N), 25g (0.245N), 50g (0.49N), 100g (0.98N),
200g (1.96N), 300g (2.94N), 500g (4.9N), 1000g (9.8N)
Loading Speed < 50µm/sec
Indenter Standard Rectangular pyramid diamond indenter (136°)
Min. Measuring Unit 0.25µm
Hardness Value Range 1HV- 4000HV
Display Digital LCD Screen
Total Magnification 100x (for Observation), 400x (for Measurement)
(Optional 200x / 600x)
Loading Method Automatically (Load, dwell and unload)
Dwell Duration Time 1-99s (increment step with 1 second)
Turret Manual Turret Automatic Turret
Maximum Height 85mm
Throat Depth 115mm
Instrument Size &
Net Weight
405x290x480mm (LxWxH) & 45kg
Light Source LED cold light source (can be continuously used for 24 hours)
Power Supply 220V ±5%, 50/60 Hz
X-Y Testing Table Table 100x100mm, Max. Travel Range: 25x25mm, L.C. : 0.01mm
Data Output Built-in Printer, Built-in RS-232 interface
Standard Accessories 1 Piece: 10x Digital Eyepiece
10x and 40x Objective Lens
Vickers Indenter
X-Y Testing Table
Flat Fixture
Sheet Specimen Fixture
Power Cord
Dust Cover
Instruction Manual
Warranty Card
Accessory Case
2 Pieces: Standard block of hardness
4 Pieces: Horizontal adjusting screw
Optional Accessories Hardness Measuring Software, High Speed Camera, Knoop Indenter,
Metallographic Equipments, Hardness Blocks, Computer System, Printer

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