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Industrial Microscopes

World class Professional quality to help you in developing & innovating, new products & technology to meet the today’s competitive world. Continuous up-gradation & implementing of latest technology in our products, Radical gives an extra edge to it’s product to perform & deliver best desired results.


Industrial Microscopes

  • RXLr-4M Series

    RXLr-4M Series

    RXLr-4M Upright microscopes are characterised by the illumination system being mounted above the specimen stage so that light is directed through the objectives

  • RXLr-4Pol Series

    RXLr-4Pol Series

    RXLr-4 Pol microscopes produce brighter, clearer, and higher contrast images. Facilities for diascopic and episcopic microscope illumination makes

  • RXLr-5M Series

    RXLr-5M Series

    RXLr-5M offers versatile multi-mode system expandability to suit a vast range of imaging possibilities, Ideal instrument for industry inspection and science

  • RXLr-5Pol Series

    RXLr-5Pol Series

    RXLr-5 Pol Professional polarizing microscope for geology, petroleum, chemicals, polymer, LED field. Produces high quality and contrast image with special

  • RMM-3 Series

    RMM-3 Series

    RMM-3 Inverted Metallurgical Microscope provides for a more comfortable user experience with its compact, ergonomic design for easy, durable use for observation

  • RMM-3EX Series

    RMM-3EX Series

    RMM-3EX inverted metallographic microscope is ideal for quick and reliable specimen assessment. Microscope features exceptional image clarity and excellent

  • RCM Series

    RCM Series

    Radical Forensic Comparison Microscope were developed about four decades ago in consultation with the leading Scientists and Criminologists of world

  • RGM Series

    RGM Series

    Used by hundreds of jewellery designers and outlets across India and World, the gemmological microscopes have a variety of economical options including zoom

  • RSMr Series

    RSMr Series

    RSMr series stereo zoom microscopes with parallel APO optical system generate three-dimensional and laterally precise images for your microscope applications.

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