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CCD HDMI Cameras


Viewing your microscope's image digitally has never been easier; simply connect the camera to any monitor via HDMI, and attach a USB mouse, and you're up and running with crystal clear images. On-screen adjustments can be easily made for exposure, saturation, brightness, contrast, tint, and noise reduction to provide you with the best image possible for any application. Compatible with stereo microscopes and compound microscopes, whether your needs are biological, industrial, gemological, or any other type of microscopy

• Simultaneous HDMI and USB output.
• Built in mouse control (mouse provided).
• Built in image capture and video record to SD card.
• Built in camera control panel for the mouse.
• Built in tool bar including zoom, mirror, freeze, comparison and browser functions.
• Built in image and browser display and play.
• Ultra-fine color engine with excellent color reproduction (USB).
• Supports standard SDK for Windows/Linux/MAC (USB)

Model Description
Sensor 1/2.5” CCD Sensor 5MP, built-in image processor
Live Resolution 1980 x 1080 Pixels, Full HD 1080 pixel @  30 FPS
Image Capture Resolution 2592 x 1932 Pixels
Pixel Size 3.2 µm x 3.2 µm
Frame Rate 1920x1080 30fps @ USB 2.0
1920x1080 60fps @ HDMI
Video Record 15fps @ USB 2.0 / HDMI
Exposure mode Auto/Manual
Exposure Time 1ms-10sec
White Balance Auto/Manual
Settings White Balance,Gain,Noise Reduction,Gamma,Exposure Time,WDR,etc
Output Multiple Outputs  USB 2.0 , HDMI HDMI (Direct Display to LCD TV / Projector,
Directly Connect your Projector / LED TV thru HDMI for Projection
Exposure Dual FPGA optimizes the white balance, exposure time and saturation
Capture Images On Board Micro SD card / U Disk to Capture Images / Videos
  On Board Software to work without PC/Laptop for camera control & navigation
  Built in USB Wired/Wireless Mouse connectivity for camera control while working without PC/ Laptop
  Image Comparison, Image ROI Function, Cross hair, etc. tools
  USB 2.0 PC Connection to work on PC/ Laptop
Operating Support 2D Measurement Software for WIN/MAC OS

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