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CCD Hi-Speed Cameras


Equipped with USB-3 these cameras are particularly remarkable for their fast live images, short reaction times, high resolution and clear contrast. These cameras support all contrasting methods including Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), Phase Contrast (PH), and Bright field (BF), Fluorescence. Camera colour reproduction perfectly matches all kinds of staining procedures.

  • High speed CCD microscope camera
  • Upto to 47fps
  • USB 3 interface
  • 2.2 x 2.2 µm pixel size
  • 1/2.3" sensor
  • 10 bit
  • Software included
Model ProCAM RC-2 5MP HS ProCAM RC- 2.1MP HS C/M (Color/Mono) ProCAM RC-1 1.4MP HS C/M (Color/Mono)
Sensor ICX282AQ ICX285AQ/L ICX205AQ/L
Sensor Size 2/3" CCD Color 2/3" CCD Color/Monochrome ½" CCD Color/Monochrome
Effective Pixel 2580(H) × 1944 (V) 1360(H) × 1024 (V) 1360(H) × 1024 (V)
Pixel Size 3.40µm×3.40µm 6.45µm×6.45µm 4.65µm×4.65µm
Resolution/Frame Rate 2580×1994 : 6.5FPS
1288×972 (Speed2)* 13FPS
1288×972 (SUM2): 12FPS
1280×720 (ROI) : 14.5FPS
644×486 (SUM4) : 21FPS
Any Area ROI
1360×1024 : 20FPS
1280×720 (ROI)* 25FPS
680×512 (SUM2-Mono): 28FPS
680×512 (SUM2-Color) : 15FPS
340×256 (SUM4-Mono) : 47FPS
Any Area ROI
1360×1024 : 20FPS
1280×720 (ROI)* 25FPS
680×512 (SUM2-Mono): 28FPS
680×512 (SUM2-Color) : 15FPS
340×256 (SUM4-Mono) : 47FPS
Any Area ROI
Active Area 9.74mm×7.96mm 10.2mm×8.3mm 7.6mm×6.2mm
Sensitivity 280m V-1/30s Accumulation 1240mV-1/30s Accumulation 400mV-1/30s Accumulation
Exposure Time 0.1ms-600s 0.1ms-30s
ADC 12 bit
Image Data Format 8 bit/12 bit
Spectral Range (nm) 380 nm~650nm (with infrared filter)
Shutter Global
Scanning Mode Progressive Scan
Programable Control Image Resolution, Image Mode, Brightness, Contrast, Exposure Time, Gain, GAMMA, RGB Gain, Saturation, Sharpness, Frame/Sec (Speed)
Cooling Peltier's (Thermo-Electric Cooled)
Exposure Control Manual / Auto / Area
White Balance Manual / One time /Auto/ Area
Software Interface Radical ProCAM Capture & Measurement Software (Supports Direct Show / TWAIN)
Operating System Window XP (32 bit)  Window 7 (32bit / 64bit) Window 8/10 (32bit / 64bit)
Data Interface/Rated Voltage USB2.0 (B Type) 480Mbps, Power 5V via USB / > 2.5W
Lens Mount 0.66X C Mount for 2/3" Sensor & 0.5X C Mount for ½" Sensor
Dimensions/Weight 100.8mm×90mm×48.7mm/Aprox. 620g
Temperature/Humidity Operation: 0~50°C /storage: -20°C ~ 60°C/ Working: 10%~90% RH (No Condensation) 10% ~ 60%RH
LED Indicator Light Once Plugged / flashing while working

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