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Advanced Forensic Comparison Microscope


Comparison Microscope makes you view two images of left & right at the same time, according to adjusting two images to connect or lap over, then differentiate the minuteness difference between them, for instance, comparison of fiber, hair, pathological samples, etc. The comparison Microscope is an ideal instrument for the criminal investigation material evidence, authenticated and education at Police technical section and also suitable for other departments which need object comparison.

Optical system Infinity Color corrected, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial coated (multi-layered hard coated)
Illumination Transmitted koehler's halogen/LED, intensity adjustable, battery backup, auto cut-off
Viewing Head Trinocular with comparison bridge
Stage Rackless, refocusing, right/left hand control, hard coated surface, double layer, single/double slide holder, low position coaxial movement
Objectives Semi Plan/PLAN Finite/Infinite Achromatic
Magnification Upto 2000X
Stand Ultra precise coaxial (low position), both side, coarse & fine with tension control & upper limit stopper
Eyepiece Extra wide field, high point with diopter adjustment
Certification EU CE, ISI, ISO, TUV
Model RBCM-505
Head Sidentopf Trinocular with comparison bridge
Body Two microscope mounted on heavy and rugged metal base attached with a comparison bridge to split/ superimpose the images of microscopes
Total Magnification 40X - 2000X
Nosepieces Quadruple revolving nosepieces
Condenser Abbe condenser N.A 1.25 seperate for both the microscope
Eyepiece WF10X, FOV 22mm, dioprtic adjustment on one/both eyepieces
Objective 4X, 10X, 20X, 40XSL & 100X (SL, oil)
Mechanical Stages 120x120mm, Right hand control, supplied with stages to hold objects like bullets, coins, industrial materials and another plate to hold Materials like currency notes, cartons, stamps, finger Prints etc
Illumination Reflected, transmitted and inclined halogen 6V-20W, seperate intensity controllers & ON/OFF switches
Optional Accessories Photo micrographic attachment, projection screen attachment, semi Plan Objectives 2.5x, 20x, 60x, & oil immersion 100x, spare eyepieces, USB camera with Necessary software, micrometer slide for measurement & calibartion, Eyepiece 5X, 15X, 20X micro & H5X cross, upgradable to phase contrast application etc.
Total weight 45kg

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