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Biosafe Cabinet


The Class-II Biological Safety Cabinet is an open-front, ventilated cabinet. Which provide personnel, environment and product protection.

Switches Microprocessor based switches for blower, flourescent light & UV light with LCD back light display. (UV light with Timer).
Pre-Filter 99.00% down to 5 micron.
HEPA Filter ISO 14644 Class 5 (Class 100) 99.97%-99.99% down to 0.3 micron. Mesh guardl for protection of HEPA Filter.
Airflow Top to downward. 70% of the air volume is re-circulated, 30% is exhausted.
Noise Level 60 decibel +5%.
Velocity 0.35-0.50m/sec
Work Table Made up of stainless steel 304gr. cock for gas on work table.
Front Door Made of acrylic.
UV Lamp 15/30W, make Philips Holland
Illumination 20/40W, Flourescent tube with diffuser
Pressure Manometer 0-50mm range.
Power Supply 230V +10V/50Hz single phase A.C.
Cabinet 19mm thick Duraboard covered with sunmica from outside and epoxy painted from inside/304gr Stainless Steel.
Heavy Duty Blower Dynamically balanced with 0.25 HP Electric Motor Mounted on anti vibration pad 1440rpm motor.
Exhaust Exhaust system with HEPA filter & virus burnout.
Biosafety Cabinet (Mild Steel) Class II, A-2
Item Code Size
RS-59-05 60x0x60 cm
RS-59-06 90x60x60 cm
RS-59-07 120x60x60 cm

Biosafety Cabinet (Stainless Steel) Class II, A-2
Item Code Size
RS-59-08 60x0x60 cm
RS-59-09 90x60x60 cm
RS-59-10 120x60x60 cm

Biosafety Cabinet (Mild Steel) Class II, B-2
Item Code Size
RS-59-11 60x0x60 cm
RS-59-12 90x60x60 cm
RS-59-13 120x60x60 cm

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