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Brinell Microscope


This instrument makes accurate measurements of the indentations for all Brinell type hardness testers. Our Brinell Microscope RBM-55 is a compact, yet durable instrument, making it suitable for both the shop and laboratory. The reticle is calibrated in 0.01 mm. Units over a range of 6mm. and the field of view is 7mm. Measure the indentation at its largest diameter against the reticle scale.
This microscope is designed to easily measure the Brinell hardness value of different ferrous and non-ferrous metals including crude or annealed steel (non austenitic steel only), quenched and tempered steel (non austenitic steel only), cast iron, brass casting, rolled brass, rolled cooper, alloy of tin and bronze and casting of aluminium alloy It can determine the Brinell hardness by measuring the diameters of the indentations

• 20x Total Magnification
• 10x Wide Field eye piece
• Highest Quality Optics
• Easy-To-Read Reticule
• Metallic body
• Cordless Light
• Easy To Use
• Portable
Magnification 20x
Reticle scale length 7.00mm.
Least Count 0.01mm.
Field of View 6.00mm.
Weight 1.500 Kg.
Range Of Accessories
*Phase Contrast
*Dual Viewing Head

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