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Gemological Microscope


Gemological Swivel Binocular Microscope is used to distinguish between genuine and imitation gems, to inspect surface inclusions, to judge production of origin and to inspect polishing. It is also used to exhibit & explain to the customers at jewellery shop. The Microscope is provided with transmitted and flourescent incident light system. These Microscope have earned the reputation for having excellent optics, rugged dependability, versatility & economy.
The Microscope share a unique substage brightfield and darkfield illuminator, an adjustable epi-illuminator and a gem clamp for unsurpassed versatility in a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

Optical system Greenough zoom lenses
Illumination LED/halogen/fluorescent transmitted & reflected
Viewing Head 45° inclined 360° rotatable
Stage Large stage with handrest
Objectives Long working distance
Zoom Continuous
Stand Tilting with two step focussing
Eyepiece Wide field with dioptric adjustment
Resolution 225 Lp/mm @ 45X
Microscopy Techniques Polarizing, Darkfield, oblique illumination
Certification EU CE, ISI, ISO, TUV
Part Name Part Code Description
Body RGM8MB Plain focussing stand, rugged, ergonomic design, touch point treated, acid resistant texture painted, rubber feet
Optical System RGM8GiOS Greenough Optical System
Total Magnifications RGM8TX 3.5x to 180x (using different combinations of eyepeice, zoom lens & aux. Objectives)
Standard Zoom Lens RGM8ZL 0.7X to 4.5X continously zoom with steps of 0.7x, 0.8X, 1X, 1.5X,2X, 3X, 4X & 4.5X
Zoom ratio RGM8ZR 1:6.4
Eyepeices RGM81020 Paired, WF 10X, FOV-20mm, multilayered coated, high quality, good contrast, aberration free, aplantic, lockable
Head RGM8HB45 Binocular head, 45° inclined, rotatable 360°, IPD 48-75mm, intermediate parallel zoom
Focussing  RGM8FOC Plain focussing, working distance 100mm
Transmitted Illumination RGM8TLH30 6V/30W halogen bulb, Intensity controller & ON/OFF Switch, diverted light system(Darkfield effect) with iris diaphragm
Standard Accessories RGM8GCLAMP Steel wire & plan jewellery clamp
  RCC Cleaning cloth
RVC Vinyl cover
MANUAL Instruction manual
WARRANTY Warranty card
RPC Power Cord (Country Specific)
Part Name Part Code Description
Eyepiece RGM8EP1018 Paired, WF 10X, FOV-18mm, Multilayered coated,High Quality, good contrast, aberration free, Aplantic, Lockable
RGM8EP1015 Paired, WF 15X, FOV-15mm, Multilayered coated,High Quality, good contrast, aberration free, Aplantic, Lockable
RGM8EP2010 Paired, WF 20X, FOV-10mm, Multilayered coated,High Quality, good contrast, aberration free, Aplantic, Lockable
Auxillary Objectives RGM8AUX0.5 0.5X / 165mm
RGM8AUX1.5 1.5X/45mm
RGM8AUX2.0 2X/30mm
Head RGM8H301X3X Binocular head, 30° inclined, rotatable 360°, IPD 48-75mm, intermediate parallel zoom
RGM8H301X3X Trinocular head, 30° inclined, rotatable 360°, IPD 48-75mm, intermediate parallel zoom
Illumination RGM8RLGSK1 Fibre Optic Light Source with Single flexible Light Pipes (Reflected)
RGM8RLGSK2 Fibre Optic Light Source with Double Flexible Light Pipes (Reflected)
RGM8RLTL100 Co-axial illuminator 12V-50W Halogen (Transmitted)
RGM8RLFLC Circular Fluorescent Illuminator (Reflected)
RGM8LEDTL60 60 LED, intensity adjustable, color temperature 6400K, 24V6W (Reflected)
RGM8LEDTL56 56 LED, Ring Light, color temperature 6400K, 24V6W (Reflected)
C-mount RCMT50X 0.5X Camera Adaptor/Tube/Mount
  RCMT65X 0.65X Camera Adaptor/Tube/Mount
  RCMT70X 0.7X Camera Adaptor/Tube/Mount
  RCMT01X 1X Camera Adaptor/Tube/Mount
Micrometer/Calibration slide RCS10 Micrometer slide for calibration, 1mm with 10µm least count
  RCS100 Micrometer slide for calibration, 10mm with 100µm least count
Mechanical stage RGM8STAGE Stage, X-Y movement, ball guide, 180X155X26mm, travel 35X30mm, size 185X140mm
Packing  RWBX Wooden box with separate container for accessories, lock & key, carrying handle
RSTYRO Standard Styrofoam packing
Cleaning Kit RCLEAN Anti static cleaning brush, Cleaning tissue paper, Lens cleaning solution

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