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RI Morphology


Provides enhancement and measurement of the images. The images and data can be stored in Album Image Database. RI(Morphology can be used as research-purpose image analysis software. It also includes several pre-installed methodics (macros) for specific biomedical applications.

RI (Morphology) includes 6 pre-installed methodics (macros):
Measure Objects' thresholding and measurement.
Count and Measure Objects' thresholding, measurements, and automatic classification.
Volume Fraction Thresholding the image phases. The thresholded phases are measured, and the area percentage of different phases is calculated.
Platelets Count Thresholding the erythrocytes and platelets, their recognition and count.
Erythrocytes Sizing Thresholding the erythrocytes, their measurement and classification by size
Nuclear-Cytoplasm Ratio (NCR) Calculation of the area ratios (nucleus to cytoplasm).

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