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Radical infinity optical system consisting of objectives for any demanding application. Lenses guarantee the quality, flexibility and performance. The new generation universal infinity optical system is corrected for colour & spherical aberrations. The Parfocal & Precentered objectives are antifungal and anti-mould treated for longer life. The multilayer coating also helps to enhance the life of optical system

Compatible with Radical Clinical & Research Microscopes
Infinity Achromat Objective RIAO-04 Achromat 4X, N.A.0.1, W.D.30mm
  RIAO-10 Achromat 10X, N.A.0.25, W.D.7mm
  RIAO-20 Achromat 20X , N.A.0.4, W.D.3.9mm (Long working distance)
  RIAO-40 Achromat 40X, N.A.0.65, W.D.0.65mm (Long working distance)
  RIAO-60 Achromat 60X, N.A.0.8, W.D.0.3mm, Spring loaded
  RIAO-100 Achromat 100X, N.A.1.25, W.D.0.23mm, Oil, Spring loaded
  RIAO-100ir Achromat 100X, N.A. 0.5-1.25, W.D.0.23mm, Oil, Spring loaded with iris
Infinity Plan Achromat Objective RIPAO-01 Plan Achromat 1X, N.A.0.04, W.D.3.2mm
  RIPAO-02 Plan Achromat 2X, N.A.0.06, W.D.7.5mm
  RIPAO-04 Plan Achromat 4X, N.A.0.1, W.D.30mm
  RIPAO-10 Plan Achromat 10X, N.A.0.25, W.D.10.5mm
  RIPAO-20 Plan Achromat 20X, N.A.0.4, W.D.1.2mm
  RIPAO-40 Plan Achromat 40X, N.A.0.65, W.D.0.56mm, Spring loaded
  RIPAO-40ncg Plan Achromat 40X, N.A.0.65, W.D.0.48mm, No cover glass, Spring loaded
  RIPAO-50 Plan Achromat 50X, N.A.0.9, W.D.0.35mm, Spring loaded, oil
  RIPAO-100 Plan Achromat 100X, N.A.1.25, W.D.0.2mm, , Spring loaded, Oil
  RIPAO-100ncg Plan Achromat 100X, N.A.0.9, W.D.0.26mm, No cover glass, Spring loaded
Infinity Plan Fluor Objective RIPFO-2.5 Plan Fluor 2.5X, N.A.0.08, W.D.10.7mm
  RIPFO-04 Plan Fluor 4X, N.A.0.13, W.D.17.1mm
  RIPFO-10 Plan Fluor 10X, N.A.0.3, W.D.16.0mm
  RIPFO-20 Plan Fluor 20X, N.A.0.5, W.D.2.1mm
  RIPFO-20 Plan Fluor 20X, N.A.0.45, W.D.8.1-7.0mm, Extra long working distance
  RIPFO-40 Plan Fluor 40X, N.A.0.75, W.D.0.72mm, Spring loaded
  RIPFO-40oil Plan Fluor 40X, N.A.1.3, W.D.0.2mm, Oil, Spring loaded
  RIPFO-40elwd Plan Fluor 40X, N.A.0.6, W.D. 3.7-2.7mm, Extra Long working distance
  RIPFO-60 Plan Fluor 60X, N.A.0.85, W.D.0.3mm, Spring loaded
  RIPFO-60oil Plan Fluor 60X, N.A.0.5-1.25, W.D.0.22mm, oil, Spring loaded with iris
  RIPFO-60elwd Plan Fluor 60X, N.A.0.70, W.D.2.1-1.5mm, Extra Long working distance
  RIPFO-63oil Plan Fluor 63X, N.A.1.3, W.D.0.28mm, oil, Spring loaded with iris, unbreakable container for storage
  RIPFO-100dry Plan Fluor 100X, N.A.0.9, W.D.0.3mm, dry, Spring loaded
  RIPFO-100 Plan Fluor 100X, N.A.1.3, W.D.0.2mm, Oil, , Spring loaded
  RIPFO-100ir Plan Fluor 100X, N.A.0.5-1.3, W.D.0.2mm, Oil, Spring loaded with iris
Infinity Plan Apochromat Objective RIAPAO-02 Plan Apochromat 2X, N.A.0.1, W.D.8.5mm
  RIAPAO-04 Plan Apochromat 4X, N.A.0.2, W.D.15.7mm
  RIAPAO-10 Plan Apochromat 10X, N.A.0.45, W.D.4.0mm
  RIAPAO-20 Plan Apochromat 20X, N.A.0.75, W.D.1.0mm, Spring loaded
  RIAPAO-40 Plan Apochromat 40X, N.A.0.95, W.D.0.14mm, Spring loaded
  RIAPAO-40oil Plan Apochromat 40X, N.A.1.00, W.D.0.16mm, Oil, Spring loaded
  RIAPAO-60 Plan Apochromat 60X, N.A.0.95, W.D.0.15mm, Spring loaded
  RIAPAO-60W Plan Apochromat 60X, N.A.1.2, W.D.0.22mm, Water immerstion, Spring loaded
  RIAPAO-100ncg Plan Apochromat 100X, N.A.1.4, W.D.0.17mm, No cover glass Oil
  RIAPAO-100 Plan Apochromat 100X, N.A.1.4, W.D.0.13mm, Oil, Spring loaded
Infinity Super Fluor Objective RISFO-04 Super Fluor 4x, N.A.0.2, W.D.15.5mm
  RISFO-10 Super Fluor 10x, N.A.0.5, W.D.1.2mm, Spring loaded
  RISFO-20 Super Fluor 20x, N.A.0.75, W.D.1mm, Spring loaded
  RISFO-40 Super Fluor 40x, N.A.0.9, W.D.0.3mm, Spring loaded
  RISFO-40oil Super Fluor 40x, N.A.1.3, W.D.0.22mm, Oil, Spring loaded
  RISFO-100 Super Fluor 100x, N.A.0.5 - 1.30, W.D.0.2mm, Oil, Spring loaded with iris
Infinity Water Dipping Objective RIWDO-10W Fluor 10X water, N.A.0.3, W.D.2mm
  RIWDO-20W Fluor 20X water, N.A.0.5, W.D.2mm
  RIWDO-40W Fluor 40X water, N.A.0.8, W.D.2mm
  RIWDO-60W Fluor 60X water, N.A.1, W.D.2mm
Infinity Achromat Phase Contrast RIAPC-10 Achromat 10x, N.A.0.25, W.D.7mm
  RIAPC-20 Achromat 20x, N.A.0.4, W.D.3.9mm
  RIAPC-40 Achromat 40x, N.A.0.65, W.D.0.65mm, Spring loaded
  RIAPC-100 Achromat 100x, N.A.1.25, W.D.0.23mm, oil, Spring loaded
Infinity Plan Achromat Phase Contrast RIPAPC-10 Plan Achromat Phase 10x, N.A.0.25, W.D.10.5mm
  RIPAPC-20 Plan Achromat Phase 20x, N.A.0.4, W.D.1.2mm
  RIPAPC-40 Plan Achromat Phase 40x, N.A.0.65, W.D.0.5mm, Spring loaded
  RIPAPC-100 Plan Achromat Phase 100x, N.A.1.25, W.D.0.2mm, oil, Spring loaded
Infinity Plan Fluor Phase Contrast RIPFPC-04 Plan Fluor Phase 4x, N.A.0.13, W.D.16.4mm
  RIPFPC-10 Plan Fluor Phase 10x, N.A.0.3, W.D.16mm
  RIPFPC-20 Plan Fluor Phase 20x, N.A.0.5, W.D.2.1mm
  RIPFPC-20elwd Plan Fluor Phase 20x, N.A.0.45, W.D.8.1-7.0mm, extra long working distance, with correction ring
  RIPFPC-40 Plan Fluor Phase 40x, N.A.0.75, W.D.0.72mm, spring loaded
  RIPFPC-40elwd Plan Fluor Phase 40x, N.A.0.6, W.D.3.7-2.7mm, spring loaded, extra long working distance, with correction ring
  RIPFPC-40elwd2 Plan Fluor Phase 40x, N.A.0.6, W.D.3-4.2mm, spring loaded, extra long working distance
  RIPFPC-60 Plan Fluor Phase 60x, N.A.0.7, W.D.2.1-1.5mm
  RIPFPC-100 Plan Fluor Phase 100x, N.A.1.3, W.D.0.2mm, oil, spring loaded
Infinity Plan Apochromat Phase Contrast RIPAPPC-20 Plan Apochromat 20x, N.A.0.75, W.D.1mm, Spring loaded
  RIPAPPC-40 Plan Apochromat 40x, N.A.0.95, W.D.0.14mm, Spring loaded
  RIPAPPC-40oil Plan Apochromat 40x, N.A.1.0, W.D.0.16mm, oil, Spring loaded
  RIPAPPC-60 Plan Apochromat 60x, N.A.0.95, W.D.0.15mm, Spring loaded
  RIPAPPC-60oil Plan Apochromat 60x, N.A.1.4, W.D.0.13mm, oil, Spring loaded
  RIPAPPC-100 Plan Apochromat 100x, N.A.1.4, W.D.0.13mm, oil, Spring loaded
Infinity Hoffman Modulation Contrast RIHMC-10 Hoffman Modulation Contrast 10x, N.A.0.25, W.D.6.2mm
  RIHMC-20 Hoffman Modulation Contrast 20x, N.A.0.40, W.D.3.1mm, Long working distance
  RIHMC-40 Hoffman Modulation Contrast 40x, N.A.0.55, W.D.2.7-1.7mm, Long working distance

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