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Heating Stage


Fits Slide Holder Clamp
Ideal for Tissues & Semen
Power Input 220V
Temperature Control Ambient to 50 Degrees C
Thermometer Mounted on Stage for Accurate Readings
Heating Stage with thermometer
Power Supply
Power & connecting cable
Bio Therm Heating Stage


It can afford the constant temperature and can be mainly applied to the microscope that used in the biological technology for special request of constant temperature when viewing the specimen (Living Cell).. Convenient Installation: It can be installed on any standard stages of Microscope.Quick reaching constant temperature : After plugging in the power & setting the temperature, it takes 1-2 minutes to preheat the stage & reach the constant temperature in the certain range of temperature.

Input : 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz, AC
Power : 50W
Temperature Controlling Range : 20ºC (> room temperature) to 50ºC
Temperature setting division : 1ºC
Temperature displaying division : 0.1ºC
Various between setting & displaying temperature : <+/-1ºC
Various between actual stage temperature & displaying temperature : <+/-1ºC
Temperature Controller : 2 LED digital display screens and two touching buttons for adjusting temperature, ON/OFF switch at the rear.
Temperature Controlled Stage : Built - in heater and heat sensor with the size of 150mmx130mmx5.8mm.

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