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Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome


RMT-35 is a semi-automated rotary microtome ideal for routine sectioning and research application in pathology, histopathology textile and other research laboratories. Easy operation, safety & high precision specimen feed, stable performance to provide high quality sectioning results. Universal specimen holder is provided along with a standard cassette holder for paraffin embedded tissues.


  • All important controls are easily accessible and conveniently located. Operations are from display board. LCD Screen shows section thickness range. It has different sectioning modes such continuous, single step stroke and program mode.
  • It has stepper motor with range of 30mm feed motion and vertical stroke of 60mm. The coarse feed mode for both forward and backward movement through separate feather touch switch.
  • Knife holder designed to use with high profile & low profile disposable blades with two pressure plates. It has integrated knife guard to hold disposable knives firmly for vibration and charter free operation. Knife holder has lateral adjustment facility to use of entire length of disposable knife.
  • Supplied with a standard universal chuck/block holder with precise adjustment in X and Y axis for orientation of specimen. Smooth hand wheel with integrated quick lock mechanism for safety of operator.
  • External Enclosure/Large Waste Tray provided, which is easy to clean and unload the waste.
  • It works on a power supply of 110-220 VAC at 50 Hz.
  • Pack of 50 disposable high profile blades is supplied with the microtome with universal specimen holder, operating instruction & vinyl cover etc in a sturdy Wooden Storing Box.

SEMI AUTOMATIC MICROTOME: features motorized specimen advance along with digital control and settings. Coarse feed specimen advance is automatic in semi-automatic microtome along with manually operated specimen feed handwheel.
SECTIONING: Sectioning mode has section thickness range from 0.5-100 µm. Cutting thickness range can be customized by the user very easily as per requirement.
TRIMMING: Trimming mode has range from 1-500 µm, which can be selected as per requirement by the user.

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