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Precision Fiber Microtome


Radical Fiber Microtome is used to produce accurate cross-sectional specimens of fiber for further examination under a microscope. Fiber cross sections of varying thickness from 200 µm are produced for microscopic examination, measurement and identification. It is suitable for cutting the sections of fibers for determination of diameter in any form by means of a Projection/Digital Microscopes. In the case of dyed, bleached or finished fibers, the diameter as determined may by different from that of the same fibers not subjected to such treatments. Further, the estimate of fiber diameter of the same lot of wool at the various stages of processing may not be the same

a) Cross section area 4.0 x 1.5 mm.
b) Fiber Cross Sections of varying thickness from 200 µm.
c) The recommended thickness of Fibre Cross Section 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm and 1mm.
Cross sectioning reveals certain characteristics that may be used to identify fibers, including :
- Contour of the fiber - Thickness of the cuticle layer
- Presence of medulla - if present, its type, shade, contour in relation to that of the fiber, and position in the fiber.
- Presence of pigment - if present, its distribution whether it is sparse, dense or in large aggregates, and whether it is most dense near the medulla or near the cuticle or arranged in bi-lateral form, Dye Penetration etc.
Technical Specifications are as per : IS 744, ASTM D2130, BS 2043, DIN 53811, ISO 137, IWSTM 24, IWTO 8-6

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