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Double Disc Polishing Machine

RPM-33 Series

The Disc Polishing Machines are extensively used for polishing the Metallography Samples for Microscopic observation to study various metal structures. Disc Polishing Machines are finely polished to ensure smooth, scratch free and mirror like appearance that enable accurate metallographic interpretation. Polishing is the final stage in producing a surface that is flat, smooth, scratch-free and mirror like in appearance. Such a surface is necessary for subsequent accurate metallographic interpretation, both qualitative & quantitative. In this Machine the drive is given the motor spindle, which is mounted on the motor shaft through friction mechanism. Polishing discs are fitted on the shaft and locked by nut. Shaft has two bearings, which are fitted into bearing holder for smooth working.

Model No RPM-33S RPM-33D
Disc Double Disc Double Disc
Variable Speed 400 to 1400 R.P.M (Optional) 50 to 1400 R.P.M Control by Potentiometer
Digital R.P.M Display N.A Yes
Motor ¼ hp AC Motor Single ½ hp AC Motor Single
Assorted type of amery papar
alumina paste
Diamond paste
Valvet Cloth

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