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Profile Projector


For accurate magnification, maximum luminosity, great contrast, uniform resolution to the edge of the screen, freedom from distortion of the images. It is supplied with standard lenses with magnification 25x and 50x for contour projection. The maximum visible part of the object on the screen are 11.2mm and 5.6mm respectively. The screen size is 330mmx380mm (13"x15"). The maximum diameter and length of work accommodated on the stage are 40mm x 150mm respectively. It is having wooden storing cabinet with lock and key for safe custody of lenses etc. The height and weight of the instrument is approximately 1448mm (4'-9") and 68 kg respectively optional available magnification 10x.

• Accurate magnification
• Maximum luminosity
• Great contrast
• Uniform resolution
• Magnification 25x and 50x
• Screen size is 330mmx380mm (13"x15")

Model No. RPP-12 RPP-12A
Projection Screen 330mm x 380mm (13" x 15")
Magnification 25x & 50x
X-Y Range   35x35mm*
Effective Table Area   125x125mm
Measuring Unit   Micrometer Heads0-25mm
Resolution   0.001mm
Illumination Projection Light Source with 24V / 150W Halogen Lamp.
Rotary Measuring Stage   360º grad. with vernier 6 min.
Stage Glass Diameter 62mm
Max. Workpiece size 11.2mm x 5.6mm
Height/ Weight 1448mm (4' 9") / 68kg

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