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Profile Projector


Compact light weight Table Top with easy operations. 360mm dia. screen with 90° cross line & chart holders. Projection Light Source with 24V/150W Halogen Lamp. Double Oblique Light Source for Surface Illumination Double Oblique Light source for Surface Illumination throught 10 watt LED bulbs.. Motorised Focussing with 60mm focusing range. High Quality objective lenses. Optical distortion below 0.15%.
Standard magnification : 10x, Optional : 10x, 20x, 50x and 100x. High Quality European made objective lenses, Optical distortion below 0.1%. Optional Work Tables for Micrometer Heads & for linear scales with Digital Readout. Cooling by built-in noiseless and vibration free fan. Available in 110V & 220V through low voltage transformers.

Screen Antiglare hard glass screen, graduated & rotatable through 360° having least count 1 minute of an arc.
Mirrors Optically true with surface hard coated to ensure optimum light reflection for best image contrast, long life and edge to edge sharpness on the projection screen.
Z-axis Motorized
Contour Illumination Contour Illumination is provided with a 24V/150W halogen lamp having a built in condenser system.
EPI-Illumination A Specially designed LED or 12V/100W halogen light ensures uniform surface illumination system for the above.
Electrical Mains input 220-240 volts AC having built in transformers, On-Off Switch, variable intensity controller for both illumination system, indicator and glass fuse.
Accuracy Projection accuracy ± 0.1% for contour illumination and ± 0.15% for surface illumination.
Screen Size 360mm
Lenses 10x Objective (Standard)
Model No. RPP-350 RPP-350DM RPP-350DR RPP-350DP
Projection Screen 360mm
X-Y Range 50x50mm*
(with the use of gauge blocks)
Z-axis Motorized
Illumination Projection Light Source with 24V / 150W Halogen Lamp. Double Oblique Light Source for Surface Illumination.
Effective Table Area 125x125mm 125x125mm 275x180mm
Measuring Unit Micrometer Heads 0-25mm Digital Micrometer Heads 0-25mm Built in Linear Scales
Resolution 0.01mm 0.001mm 0.001mm/ 0.00005"
X-Y Counter No Yes
Angle Counter Optional Yes
Rotary Measuring
Yes Optional
Maximum Workpiece height 116mm 110mm
M2D Software No Optional
Dimensions/Weight 50x84x104cm/150 Kgs.
Measuring of Geometric Elements No Distance, Circle, Angle Point, line, circle, distance, ellipse, rectangular hole, slotted hole, intersection and intersecting angle and point & angle, plus a number of functions for evaluation
Range Of Accessories
Over Lay Chart
Swivel Center Support
V-Block With Clamp
Edge detector
Foot switch
Holder with clamp
Data Processor

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