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Video Measuring Machine


Mini Video measurement system is a compact, portable video measurement system for manual inspection, measurement and documentation of small components cost effective model is designed with portability in mind mini VMM has a compact design ideal for carrying around from one location to another 2D video measuring machine is widely used to measure the two coordinates in all application areas such as machinery, electronics, instruments, plastic etc.The powerful software which is extremely user friendly can heandle all measuring applications with eas. With RS232 interface the machine can be connected with computer adopt specialized measuring software which can manage & output the graphics. The measuring data can be directly outputed into MS-Word, MS-Excel & AutoCAD.

• Measuring range up to 100mmx200mm
• 1 micron least count
• DRO reading
• Thread less stage
• Live display on monitor
• LED contour and surface illumination
• Powerful and intuitive, delivering accurate results with confidence
• Impressive repeatability and reproducibility

Model MINI-2010
Zoom Lens 0.7x-4.5x.
On Screen Magnification 10x-300x
Field Of View 10.6-1.6mm
Working Distance 95mm
Illumination Contour 6V20W Halogen with Green filter
Illumination Surface LED Illumination System
Display 14”/15” branded LED/LCD Monitor (220V/110V)

½” CCD Sensor with VGA output with 0.5X CCD Adaptor


1.3 million pixel image format support 1024 * 768 display

Resolution Camera 650lines
White balance Available
Control Brightness, contrast, colour
Cross hair cursor Overlay with seven kinds of colour crosshairs
Refresh rate 35 PFS
Table Size 300X200mm
Travel X ,Y & Z 200X100mm, 100mm
Resolution ( X & Y Axis) 1Micron
Measuring System 2 AXIS DRO for X, Y, Radius (3 Point with min. arc of 180°)
Base Rigid, Stable Aluminium die cast base with focusing column
Range Of Accessories
• Over lay chart
• Rotary table
• Swivel center support
• V-block with clamp
• Edge detector
• Foot switch
• Standard scale
• Projection lens
• Holder with clamp
• Tilting Center fixture
• Data Processor
• Large customised Stage
• M2D Software

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