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Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

RLAH-58 Series

Structure made of 19 mm Thick Plyboard covered with melamine lamination finish or mild steel duly powder coated or satinless steel. Work bench of perforated stainless steel in all models. Sides of work bench covered with transparent acrylic sheet/melamine. Front acrylic door of collapsible type. Properly balanced blowers fitted on H.P. Electric motor provided on the top portion to supply sufficient air to HEPA filter. HEPA filter provided vertically on back of the work bench to provide clean air to the work bench horizontally. HEPA filter efficiency 99.97%, partical retention >0.3 micron. Pre-filters efficiency 90.0%, partical retention >5.0 micron. One flourscent tube and one U.V. Germicidal tube provided over work bench. Cock for gas on work bench. Static pressure manometer fitted on top. Blowers, motor and pre-filters fitted in lower portion of the cabinet.

Made of thick playboard civered with white sunmica & epoxy painted inside. Laminar flow fitted with microprocessor control digital display with filter failure alarms.

Model Sizes
RLAH-58-01 60x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-02 90x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-03 120x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-04 180x60x60 mm.

Made Of thick playboard covered with white sunmica & epoxy paintd inside. laminar fitted with switches for blower, fluorescent light & UV light.
Model Sizes
RLAH-58-05 60x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-06 90x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-07 120x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-08 180x60x60 mm.

Complete S.S construction fitted with microprocessor control digital display and filter failure alarms.
Model Sizes
RLAH-58-09 60x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-10 90x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-11 120x60x60 mm.
Made of mild steel duly powder coated fitted with microprocessor control digital display and filter failure alarms.
Model Sizes
RLAH-58-12 60x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-13 90x60x60 mm.
RLAH-58-14 120x60x60 mm.

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