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IRBIS® 3 Control and Acquisition Software


Independently from the respective digital interface of the thermography camera, e.g. FireWire, Gigabit-Ethernet or CamLink, all camera functions can be remote controlled using IRBIS® 3. Digital thermographic images can be transferred at frame rates of up to 3 kHz to the controlling/evaluating PC in real-time.

IRBIS® 3 remote

Linking thermographic cameras with PCs or notebooks

• Remote control of the camera-operating functions via a graphic interface
• Real-time visualisation of digitally transferred thermal images
• Storage of real-time thermographic video sequences

IRBIS® 3 control

Data acquisition from digital infrared thermographic images

• Time and temperature-controlled acquisition of digital thermographic data at up to 10 Hz
• Extensive visualisation and analysis of digitally transferred thermal images
• Numerous online temperature-measuring functions: Identification of measuring spots and measuring areas, global correction   of emissivity by area or spot within the online thermal image

IRBIS® 3 online

High-speed data collection of digital infrared thermographic images

• Digital data is collected at the camera’s maximum imaging frequency
• Online differential image mode and temperature profile display
• External trigger option, retrigger, multiple signal sequence, pretrigger
• Freely definable temperature trigger
• Set parameters of measuring areas and thresholds values, alarm function

IRBIS® 3 process

Extension module for convenient process control

• Permits intensity- or temperature-dependent control of processes via digital or analog inputs and outputs
• Trigger and alarm function for freely definable signal thresholds
• Utilisation of different I/O cards for connecting to the processes
• Individual expansion by specific project solutions

IRBIS® 3 vision

Parallel recordings of data streams

• Parallel recording of data streams from multiple infrared cameras and VIS cameras
• Fully synchronous of data up to eight cameras
• Additional storage of external data, e.g. GPS data


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